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Doug Anderson

Doug has an impressive track record in the travel space, having covered the leading roles as CEO of CWT & AMEX GBT.

He is passionate about innovation in travel technology that simplifies the real problems in the corporate travel world. With his valuable skills in strategic thinking, leadership, scaling business, and mentoring, he is an incredible support to Kyte’s development.

What do you think the TMC industry needs now?

Given the current state of travel, the industry needs travellers to feel safe and secure about traveling. The recovery is underway but we still have a ways to go. Vaccination and testing must be world-wide priorities. Governments need to work together much more effectively to establish practical plans and approaches for travel and then to communicate clearly and consistently.

What value does Kyte bring to TMCs?

Kyte brings an alternative to the traditional model of travel distribution. The industry has been seeking alternatives for the last 15 years and Kyte has developed and delivered a dynamic alternative. Sales and distribution, in non-travel sectors, has evolved over the last few years to a world of personalised offers and relevant shopping results. It’s time for travel to catch up.

How do you see Kyte bringing innovation into the corporate world?

Airlines have invested in differentiating their products and services and they want a path to communicate this differentiation to travellers. Contextualised, personalised, relevant booking recommendations and results is the path to bringing travel distribution to this level. Consumers enjoy this experience in their online retail shopping experience and they expect and deserve it in their travel shopping experience.

What differentiates Kyte from other players in the sector?

The API enables Kyte to build offers that fit the travellers requirements. Economics are always important and Kyte’s solution is the most cost effective in the market. And most importantly, Kyte’s management team is laser focused on meeting the sector’s requirements with innovative solutions that meet their customers’ needs.

What made you invest in Kyte?

I invested in Kyte because, as a long time TMC CEO, I’ve watched and participated in the ongoing quest to better satisfy business travellers requirements and expectations. Very little real progress has been made, coordination across the sector has been weak and travel suppliers and intermediaries are all looking for and investing in potential solutions. Kyte is the solution.

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