The modern API to connect to any airline

Kyte is the perfect fit for any travel seller wishing to offer low-cost and full-service airline content through a single integration.

Kyte reduces cost and complexity giving airlines a plug-and-play connection to open up fares, ancillaries, and bundles to every distribution partner

Ryanair signs deal with corporate travel

Ryanair signs deal with corporate travel distributor Kyte

AirGateway to offer easyJet NDC content

AirGateway to offer easyJet NDC content via Kyte integration

Air Canada Enables Kyte Connection to NDC Content

spotnana kyte api

Spotnana to distribute low- cost content to corporate travelers via Kyte api

Kyte and TPConnects announce a strategic partnership for TPConnects to distribute Low-Cost content via Kyte’s API

Why airlines work with us

A cost-effective sales channel to reach +800 travel sellers
A modern API to sell the full range of options and bundles
A distribution channel where the airline is in control of its content

Why travel sellers work with us

Access to low-cost carriers (LCCs) and full-service airlines (NDC) in a single seamless API integration
Direct connects with airlines at a fraction of the time and cost
Full airline content and functionalities with no maintenance or upgrades required

Kyte is the most agnostic and adaptable API in the industry

We bypass traditional barriers of NDC by offering a standardised API
The most modern low-cost distribution option for API distribution
The gateway to LCC content for traditional travel agencies, TMCs, OTAs and aggregators
Speed, simplicity and scalability

Speed, simplicity and scalability in airline distribution

A cutting-edge JSON-based API for a future-proof distribution network that works for any airline, including LCCs
Kyte strips away the cost and complexity for airlines to connect with the wider travel ecosystem
An easy plug and play connection

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The simplest API to connect to multiple airlines