About Us

Kyte has reimagined distribution for Low-Cost Carriers (LCCs), full-service airlines, and Travel Sellers. We envision a future where the airline industry operates seamlessly, with a simple and standardized API integration that allows players to connect in a fraction of the time currently required, enabling them to start transacting immediately.

Kyte's next-generation distribution API allows for unparalleled flexibility for airlines in distribution ancillaries and bundles

By leveraging our advanced API, Kyte bypasses the traditional barriers of airline distribution and New Distribution Capability (NDC). This integration empowers airlines and travel sellers to seamlessly connect.

Our focus in LCCs is our USP

Low-cost carriers have played a pivotal role in democratising airline travel, making it accessible to the masses by prioritising essential services over frills. Today, the low-cost market segment is the fastest-growing, accounting for one-third of the industry’s traffic and boasting a remarkable 17% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

However, despite its significant presence, this segment remains largely disconnected from the transformative shift in distribution seen among other airlines. While many carriers are embracing the New Distribution Capability (NDC) API standard by IATA to enhance airline retailing and establish direct connections with travel partners, low-cost carriers and sellers like Travel Management Companies (TMCs) or Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) require a modern, cost-effective approach to align with their specific needs.

Kyte is leading the charge in enabling this radical distribution strategy change for all airlines. Working closely with industry giants such as Ryanair and easyJet, Kyte leverages a modern API to provide a cost-effective channel for connecting with Travel Agencies and Corporate Travel Managers, aligning with the requirements of low-cost carriers and sellers.

Our Team

Travel tech experts

Alice Ferrari

CEO & Co-founder

Roma Sojitra

Head of Implementation & Network Success

Our board of investors and advisors

We are supported by industry leaders

Advisor (Fundraising, strategy)

Kieron Branagan

Former CEO of OpenJaw, Co-founder of Déjà Partners

Advisor (Corporate dev, growth)

Sterling Miller

CEO and Sr Counsel at Hilgers Graben PLLC, former GC at Sabre and Travelocity

Advisor (Corporate dev, growth)

Vipul Nakum

Investor | Mentor at Plug and Play Tech Center

Advisor (Commercial, strategy)

Ellen Keszler

Experienced Board Member and Advisor, currently on the Board of CWT and Sojern


David N. Siegel

Senior Advisor to Apollo Global Management and former CEO of Frontier Airlines former CEO of US Airways