Travel Partners

Direct connect with Kyte

What if you could have multiple direct connects with one single integration?

Escalation of Issues from first level support

Kyte performs development work to integrate with an airline core res system or NDC API An easy-to-read interface making direct connections extremely efficient

Kyte provides a consistent, powerful and simple API to connect directly with multiple airlines

Access IATA and Low Cost airlines in a single API
Ancillaries and post booking services
Own your relationship with each airline partner

Our Technology

We simplify direct connects, you focus on your business
REST API (single unified API to access all content)
Typically, 1-2 weeks implementation
NDC content airlines + Low Cost Carrier content with proprietary APIs
We believe that travel distribution

Developers first

We believe that travel distribution has too many barriers and is needlessly complicated. Our API is continually updated to provide clean and simple ways of searching and booking air travel. Our documentation will help you set up with Kyte in just a few minutes.