Kyte Support and Maintenance

Travel Partner Service Desk

Issue Reporting and Tracking Defects: all issues, help requests, or reports (including Platform not being Available in whole or in part), errors, or bugs in relation to Platform (‘Issues’) identified by Customer will be reported through Kyte’s Travel Partner Service Desk (web-based issue and defect tracking system) which will be made available to Customer to access and use at all times throughout the Term. Kyte will follow the Problem Severity and Service Metric as defined in Table A below.

The Travel Partner Service Desk is located at: Individual users (developers, operations staff, etc. of Customer Platform) of the Customer must create a login using the service desk in order to report and monitor bugs and issues.

Issue Reporting and Tracking Defects:

Problem Severity and Service Metrics

Live/Production-related Issues logged through the Travel Partner Service Desk must be assigned a Severity Level when created. Table A, below, should be used as a guide to properly assess and assign the Severity Level. Technology Provider reserves the right to re-assign the Severity Level if the issue does not properly fit the criteria for the originally assigned Severity Level. Customers who continuously assign a higher than necessary Severity Level to issues will have all future issues automatically downgraded to lower Severity Levels.

Table A

Problem Resolved. Issues are considered resolved once the Platform and/or the affected functions or features are restored and operating in accordance with this Agreement, whether through a workaround (which will be followed by a permanent fix) or fix.  

Exclusions. Kyte is not required to provide any response services relating to problems arising out of Customer’s breach of this Agreement.

Contact and Escalation Procedures

Escalation of Issues from first level support to other Kyte resources will be managed by Kyte, assigning appropriate resources based on the skill set required to address the issue at hand, and availability of staff.

Customer’s designated technical contacts are the sole liaison between the Customer and Kyte for technical support of Kyte Product. Customer must notify Kyte whenever its technical contact responsibilities are transferred to another individual.

Both the Technology Provider and Customer will provide a POC reachable by telephone in case of emergency or immediate technical need who will be able to assist with the Service.  Such information will be updated and kept current in the Escalations Matrix.

Both the Technology Provider and Customer will provide a single Email address to which all formal communications of service disruption, impairments, or issue status at a technical level will be transmitted.  Additional Email addresses can be used for other business needs as deemed necessary.  Such information will be updated and kept current in the Escalations Matrix.

Both the Technology Provider and Customer will provide escalation contacts via either email or telephone or both to be utilized to assist with issues, notifications, prioritization, and other tasks as needed during service disruption or impairment situations. This should be used solely for this purpose and other channels and contact information will be shared for non-critical or business-related communications.  Such information will be updated and kept current in the Escalations Matrix.

Each Customer shall have a unique Escalations Matrix document, maintained by Kyte, and shared with Customer. The customer shall notify Kyte immediately of any changes, additions, or deletions to be made to this document. The customer acknowledges that this document contains sensitive personal contact information, and agrees that it needs to be kept securely and the information therein remains confidential.

Escalation of Issues from first level support

Not a Travel Partner or have a generic enquiry

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