ATPI signs tech deal with Kyte

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Travel management company ATPI has signed a commercial partnership with technology firm Kyte to expand its NDC content.

The new partnership will give ATPI access to extra airline content, including ancillaries and branded fares, through Kyte’s white label NDC-enabled API. This includes content from carriers such as British Airways, easyJet, Iberia and American Airlines.

Katie Skitterall, group commercial director at ATPI, said: “This is a big step forward for our clients as it means they can gain access to a wider range of airline products, including ancillaries and wider fare families, in a more efficient and transparent manner.”

Kyte’s API, which is licensed as a software as a service (SaaS) product, gives ATPI clients access to NDC and low-cost fares, including add-ons such as baggage and seat selection.

Alice Ferrari, Kyte’s CEO, added: “Corporate travel sellers have more requirements when it comes to airline content and functionalities – and they have often suffered with the quality of what is available in the market to consume NDC content. 

“This is a concern that has been repeatedly voiced by the community, including by the Business Travel Association.

“Kyte’s job is to unlock the huge potential NDC offers airlines and travel sellers to collaborate and offer an improved flight booking experience to the end user by making these functionalities more easily accessible to TMCs – so ATPI is a great partner for us.”

Kyte recently announced that it had become one of the first API providers to Iberia, allowing distributors access to the airline’s NDC content without needing a full integration with Iberia.

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