Frequently Asked Questions

Kyte is a technology company providing solutions to airlines, enabling them to more effectively build relationships and conduct business with their end customers through their direct and indirect connections.
– Kyte Direct Connect (KDC) provides airlines with a modern JSON/REST API that fully supports NDC products and functionality, perfect for powering partner connections or their own web, mobile, or alternative customer portals.
– The KDC network provides airlines with a single connection point to a vast array of distribution partners. Airlines can leverage KDC to establish commercial relationships throughout the industry, growing their networks more quickly and efficiently.
– Distribution partners, agencies, and booking tools can likewise access the network to establish connections and relationships with the world’s leading airlines.

Kyte is a B2B company.

Kyte is a technology company providing solutions to airlines. Our KDC Network enables airlines and distribution partners to seamlessly work together.

Kyte Direct Connect (KDC) is a powerful, flexible, JSON/REST API that supports full airline content and functionality from both NDC and LCC airlines.

KDC supports full functionality, including post-ticketing services such as changes/amendments, cancellations, and schedule changes.

Kyte is a B2B technology company. Our services are provided through KDC and the KDC Network. We do not have a consumer or professional user platform to offer partners at this time.

Access to airline products is controlled by each airline. Kyte provides only technical connectivity through the KDC Network. Airlines and distribution partners are free to negotiate product and commercial terms.

PCI compliance is required for anyone handling customer card data. Kyte will require proof of PCI compliance for any partner passing card payment data through the KDC Network.

A GDS is not required when working with Kyte. KDC provides a technical connection – effectively a direct connect – for airlines and distribution partners.

Typically IATA airlines require distribution partners to have an IATA license. However specific requirements are part of the commercial negotiation between airlines and distribution partners.

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